The Replen Workshop

Growing past the clearance aisle

A Workshop event diving deep into the world of finding replenishable items for your Amazon business.

After today you will:
- Understand
- Practice
- Be equipped
- Be empowered
- Have the exact formulas and roadmaps
- Walk away with a replen or two


Event is THIS SUNDAY at 8pm.

Workshop Outline

Part 1
(The basics)

- What is a replen
- Pros/cons
- The simple math
- Types

Part 2

- Criteria and Formulas
- Estimating Sales
- Methods of selling
- Methods of sourcing

Part 3

- RA
- OA
- Reverse
- Wholesale
- Creation

Part 4

- Examples that are currently profitable
- Group practice
- Talk back

Q/A At the end

Yes - It is being recorded and will be available to everyone.

No - I don't know how long it will be... Being the first workshop like this, it could be 2 hours or it could be 5.

Nathan Jackson

Former teacher turned 7 figure Amazon seller. Formed "Hustle Buddies" in 2019 and has been helping people of all levels grow their business ever since.