New to Amazon?

I remember starting my selling journey back in 2015.

I had a dream that I could find something that could pull my wife and I out of debt and bring us to a place of financial and time freedom... but the only expendable money I had was a couple month worth of saved up "date money"

I didn't know where to start... I didn't know how to make an account on Amazon... I didn't know how to find products... or even what a good product was! I had no idea how to prep, label, ship, etc... I knew NOTHING.

That's where this class comes from. And that's what we set out to fix. By making this easy, affordable, and accesable to the average everyday folks looking for a no BS step by step process for starting their own Amazon business.

Amazon is HARD...

but it's also very simple...

We don't want to cherry coat this and make it seems like Amazon is a breeze. It's HARD work. And it will take a long time before you start seeing your returns... But it's also LIFE CHANGING for those who are able to push through and find their path.

It's a very replicable and repeatable process. There's nothing secret about our business. There isn't some "Well they just got lucky" aspect of this. It's a proven method that just works if you are willing to put in the grind and make it work.

We put together this beginner series in a sort of "Do A then B then C" style to make sure you get off on the right foot.

"For the price of taking your spouse out to dinner, you can jumpstart your Amazon career and get things started on the right foot."

Who is this for?

Who is NOT this for?

This class goes over just the most fundamental basics. Setting up your account... finding your first product... shipping your first product... etc.

This class is FOR: people who don't have accounts, and haven't shipped or sold things before.

This class is NOT for: Folks who already have accounts and are already shipping and selling things on Amazon (We've got other awesome classes for you guys though ;) )