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Beginners Kick Start

Just getting started? Use this course as a roadmap to take your first steps!

Course Summary

We put together all of the introductory information that's out there and distilled it down to an easy to follow "Do A, then B, then C..." format. For beginners who are having a hard time starting their business or don't know where to go. We'll hold your hand through the whole startup process so that you can jump into this business with confidence. Amazon is hard work... but it doesn't have to be complicated. Let us show you the repeatable steps towards a successful FBA start.

Nathan Jackson

Former teacher turned 7 figure Amazon seller. Formed "Hustle Buddies" in 2019 and has been helping people of all levels grow their business ever since. 

Jessie Richmond

I started knowing zero about selling on Amazon or any ecommerce. And being in Hawaii I never thought I would be profitable. However, the videos were so helpful and I also had an hour coaching call with Nathan, which is helping me propel my business to bigger sucesses. I'm my first 4 months I've had over $8k in sales. And with a starting budget of $250, this was a huge feat for me. Especially sending in stuff from Hawaii.
This has been so helpful and honestly life changing.

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