Kohl's Discount Calculator Download

Free Kohl's Discount Calculator

Easily Calculate all 9 levels of coupons and discounts available for Kohl's shoppers. Just plug it into the tool and it will spit out your true buy cost.

We originally made this for our reseller Facebook community (Hustle Buddies) but are opening this up to anyone interested. Just plug in your email and we'll send it over. Hope it helps!

*If you're interested in using this for reselling, don't forget to check out our Facebook group where we teach people how to start and scale their Amazon FBA business through Retail Arbitrage: https://Facebook.com/groups/hustlebuddies

** If you want to dive REALLY deep into how we have sold over 7 figures of mostly Kohl's clothing on Amazon, we have a cheap course - But it doesn't matter if you sign up for it or not. The Calculator is yours to keep for free regardless :D