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Hustle Buddies BOLO / Leads are finally HERE!
"Better than Santa's Nice List"

This has been the most asked for service from the Facebook group... so we decided to partner up with Leani from the group to bring you guys LEANI'S LEADS LISTS

BOLO lists/Buy Lists are a fast and easy way to get information on products that are actually selling and making profit TODAY. They can be incredibly useful for the folks who don't have the time to scan every item on an entire shelf. Leani's lists are a month long subscription where you will receive 10 bolo/leads every single day (Mon-Fri) for the month. These lists are had curated by Leani, a long time Amazon seller. The items will be a mix of RA and OA. These lists are very different from other lists in that Leani is not using outsourced virtual assistants to find these items. They are personally found by her every single day to bring you the most profit and the least amount of competition. Each list is limited to 25 people so that no one list is overly saturated with sellers

Below you will find the link to Leani's Leads List.

- 10 items per day Mon - Fri for a month. 
- Manually sourced items. No VA
- Profitable items you can sell TODAY
- RA + OA
- From a wide variety of stores, categories, and price points to fit everyones needs

Each specific list will be limited to 25 people MAXIMUM so as to not saturate any 1 item. If a list sells out, check back shortly as we will add more lists (with different items) as needed to accomodate 25 more folks. You are allowed to buy multiple lists if desired as each one will have different items. 

THESE LISTS CONTAIN MANY DIFFERENT CATEGORIES. If you are NOT ungated in grocery, Health/Beauty, and toys... DO NOT ORDER. 

Note - These lists are sent as Excel documents. Please DO NOT try to open it on your phone.